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Ask About Our Extrude Honed Injectors 
  • Increased Power
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency (up to 20%)
  • Lower EGT’s
  • Smoother-Quieter Idle
  • Balanced Motor

Consider Increasing Your Engines Performance Without Decreasing It's Reliability:

For the past decade the popular option has been to install an "electronic box" to increase performance on modern diesel motors. While this works well it does not address the fact the you have to start with a balanced fuel injection system to get the most benefit.

Before "electronics" became the popular and cheaper option... a few mechanic shops where extrude honing and flow matching the fuel injectors.

Extrude Honing is the process if using abrasive media to polish the internal orifices of the injector nozzles. Abrasive machining cleans/removes imperfections in the nozzle allowing for improved atomization of the injected fuel. Better atomization provides for a increase in complete combustion of the injected fuel giving you more power and economy... and less heat and smoke. 

What is the Benefit of Extrude Honing and Flow-Matching?

As stated the major benefit of Extrude Honing is the increase of atomization of injected fuel. Smaller droplets of diesel fuel burn more efficiently producing more energy output.  Less fuel converted to more power!

From the factory most stock injectors have a liters per minute flow rate of +/- 10% between the set. Flow-Matching injectors reduces the liters per minute to a tolerance of +/- 1-2%. A 
smoother running well balanced engine is a more efficient engine.

What About Warranty?

Dealerships most often do not have the ability to detect an injector nozzle that has been extrude honed making it a warranty friendly option.